Sunday, March 21, 2010

Joe D'Mango's Love Notes - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

Dear Joe,

I'm 33 years old, an artist in one of the biggest manufacturing firms in the country.

When I was young, I had my share of boyfriends. Nagsawa ako sa lalaki noon. This may be hard to believe but not one day of my teen years passed when I didn't have a boyfriend. I would even have two to three boyfriends at the same time. And I didn't have just ordinary boyfriends--most of my suitors had cars, not to mentionthe looks.

From high school to college, I was tagged the playgirl of the batch. Incidentally, I studied in exclusive schools and graduated from college with a degree in Advertising.

I'm not that beautiful but my friends say that I have that appeal and the "IT." Many friends and classmates would even pair me off with their friends, brothers and cousins and out of friendship, I would answer them all.

I had a hard time going out on dates with them, though, because my father or family driver fetched me from school. So sometimes I played hooky just to be with my boyfriends. I never went all the way with any of them, however, until I was in third year college. But that's another story.

My being carefree went on until I graduated and eventually found a job. I would even date my boss. Butfor your information, Joe, I never entertained the idea of taking drugs or alcohol.

I had to break off with my boyfriend because he couldn't anymore take my attitude of entertaining or dating other man. It was then that questions started entering my mind. "Will I be like this forever?" "Will I make a good wife?" "Will I be faithful to my husband?" "When I give birth, what will happen to my nightlife? " My life was really a mess and getting out of hand.

Until I met DVS. Although he had the looks, he was the exact opposite of everything I wanted in a man. He was also the exact opposite of all my former boyfriends. He spoke with a thick Visayan accent, he had no car and he was simple in everything he did. I met him through one of my officemates who happens to be his uncle. He was a seaman.

He was so persistent in courting me that I found myself saying yes to dates with him. And I found him pleasantly different because instead of the usual dinner dates, he would bring me to church and even bring me to his sister's house to attend bible study sessions. This was the time I started praying to the Lord to straighten my life and give me a man who will love me and accept me for what I am.

But I hadn't the least idea it would be him. He was the perfect gentleman. He didn't try to hold my hand. Even when I began teasing him, he kept a respectful distance. It was only after we got married in January, 1992 that I learned that he maintained a high respect for me even though I wasn't a virgin anymore.

Joe, I think that I'm very lucky to have married such a very loving, respectful and righteous man. He changed my life completely. I know it was God's will for me to have met him to straighten out my life.

Right now he's out to sea and I'm left here with our two year-old son. I'm proud to say there's not a single hanky-panky going on in my life. I always go home straight from the office and even if my son has a yaya, I tend to him personally whenever I'm in the house. I'm very responsible, devoted mother to my son and wife to my husband.

Joe, I never really thought I would be blessed this much.Even if he's not here, I would like to thank my husband for loving and accepting me for who I am and what I've been through--for being so caring and understanding. And most importantly, I would like to thank the Lord for forgiving me all my sins, for being always there when I needed help, for protecting me and my family and most of all for giving me DVS who became His instrument in changing my life for the better. And especially for giving me my son, Gelo, who is my inspiration, my strength and my hope.

Thank you very much, Joe, for reading my very, very long letter. I hope this will serve as an inspiration to some of your readers... Never lose hope. Always put the Lord in your heart and in your life. If you are in need, ask the Lord for help... If it's His will.. It will be done.

Love and prayers,

 Dear Giselle,

Thank you Giselle for sharing with us your very inspiring story. I know you have been blessed to have found the man who knows the true meaning of unconditional love. Even if he's far from home, I'm sure you and your son will always be with him in his heart. As it has been said, we may not be with someone physically but it doesn't really make a difference for what is more important is that we're present in someone.

Your message need not travel a thousand miles to get him because he knows that your love has always been there and he carries it with him in his heart and in thoughts wherever he goes.

I hope that our readers find hope and inspiration in this story. We can all be as mean and as bad as we could ever be. We may feel used, abused, and worthless at times. We may even lose confidence in finding someone who can truly love us for what we are and what we have been. But, just like Giselle, God has a place for all of us in this world. It may not be as grand and extravagant as we expect it to be but it's a place where we would definitely find peace and contentment. It's a place where we would be loved simply for what we are and not for we aren't.

Most of us live our lives just as we want to and there are many times when we would try to become what we wish to be and fail to ask God what He truly wants us to do. But He has His ways of getting our attention and calling us to His will. He asks for change, it is always for the better. When He brings someone along to make a difference in our lives, He makes sure that person creates an impact--a permanent reminder in our hearts that God loves us. With Him the past is past and the present will always be a joyful preparation for the lasting happiness and beauty that the future holds for all of us.


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